2020 United States presidential election

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November 3, 2020 is Election Day in the USA.

Then the electorate demanded the President of the USA for the years 2021 to 2024.

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US presidential election

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In the United States, different people want to be president.

These people want to be president:

Donald Trump has been the President of the United States since January 20, 2017.

In the USA you can become president twice in a row.

Donald Trump wants to be president again.

Mike Pence is the vice president.

Mike Pence wants to become vice president again.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is a big party in the USA.

There are only 2 major parties in the USA.

The other big party is called the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party says:

Joe Biden should be the next president.

And Kamala Harris should be the vice president.

Joe Biden was once vice president.

That was when Barack Obama was president.

There are more parties in the USA.

For example these parties:

The Libertarian Party says:

Jo Jorgensen should be the next president.

And Jeremy Cohen should be the next vice president.

The Green Party says:

Howie Hawkins should be the next president.

And Angela Walker should be the next vice president.

Election campaign

Before the election there is an election campaign.

The candidates advertise themselves.

The candidates want to convince the voters.

Most of the time, the candidates travel across the USA.

And do events.

And make speeches.

There are debates on television.

This means:

A moderator asks the candidates questions.

Then the viewers vote.

Which candidate gave the better answers.

Voting system

The voting system in the USA is 250 years old.

There are federal states in the USA.

Similar to the federal states in Germany.

Or the cantons in Switzerland.

In every state, people vote for electors.

In a state with many people, there are more electors.

For example:

There are 55 electors in California.

There are 3 electors in Alaska.

The electors then elect the president.

The electors must vote so

as the people in their state said.

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