Barack Obama

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Barack Obama is a politician.

He is a member of the Democratic Party.

He was the President of the United States.

Now Donald Trump is the president of the United States.

on the picture you see Barack Obama

Words with same meanings

Barack Hussein Obama II

President of the United States

Detailed explanation

Obama was born on August 4, 1961.

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Obama went to law school at Harvard University.

He ist married and has two (2) daughters.

His wife's name is Michelle Obama.

Theire daughters are called Malia and Sasha.

They lived in the White House in Washington.

On January 20, 2009 he became President of the United States.

In 2017, Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Barack Obama was the first African-American president.

He was also the youngest President of the United States.

On October 9, 2009 he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

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