Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter is the name of a group of people.

The group is against violence.

Against violence from police·men.

Because police·men have beaten people up.

And shot them down.

The victims were Afro-Americans.

Afro-Americans have a black skin colour.

On the picture is a logo. The logo of the Black Lives Matter Action

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Black lives matter is the name of a group of people.

Some also say to the group:

This is a protest movement.

The protest movement comes from the USA.

On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman shot the student Trayvon Martin dead.

George Zimmerman has said,

that was self-defense.

The court has said:

George Zimmerman is not guilty.

Many people are therefore angry.

They say:

"George Zimmerman shot an innocent teenager.

George Zimmerman is a racist.

He has shot down Trayvon Martin,

because he has a dark skin colour."

People have written about their rage.

In the social media.

For example, at Twitter.

They have written a hashtag for it.

The hashtag is #BlackLivesMatter

Since then, there have been more deaths.

Policemen have shot down Afro-Americans.

In various cities.

For example, Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Or Eric Garner in New York City.

The people arranged to meet.

To demonstrate.

For example, they gather on Twitter.

They then write the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

For example: "Black Lives Matter".

The demonstrators also shout other things.

For example:

  • "Hands up, don't shoot"
  • "I can't breathe"
  • "White silence is violence"
  • "Is my son next?"

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