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[[image:Viktor-forgacs-FcDqdJUM6B4-unsplash.jpg|links|mini|There are several COVID-19 viruses in the picture. ]]
[[image:Viktor-forgacs-FcDqdJUM6B4-unsplash.jpg|left|mini|There are several COVID-19 viruses in the picture. ]]

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The Corona·virus can make you sick.

The disease is called: Covid 19

for example, the disease makes,

  • fever
  • Sore throat
  • to cough
  • diarrhea

There are several COVID-19 viruses in the picture.


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Detailed explanation

There are many different types of viruses.

Some viruses cause illness.

Different viruses cause different diseases.

Examples of diseases that come from viruses:

  • Chickenpox
  • measles
  • Herpes
  • AIDS

There are a lot of viruses.

That is why viruses are classified.

There are families and tribes.

Corona·viruses belong to the Corona·viridae family.

Different corona·viruses cause different diseases.

Fopr example.

One corona·virus makes SARS.

Another corona·virus makes COVID-19.

COVID-19 is an abbreviation.

The abbreviation stands for the English words:

Corona Virus Disease

The disease has been around since 2019.

Therefore, the number 19 is still in COVID-19.

The corona·virus is very small.

The corona·virus can be seen under an electron microscope.

The corona·virus looks like a circle with dots on it.

Some also say:

The corona·virus looks like a crown.

Corona is the Latin word for crown.

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