The Dirndl dress is a certain sort of dress.

The dirndl is mainly worn by women in

Bavaria and Austria.

On the picture is a woman. The woman is wearing a Dirndl Dress with apron and Dirndl blouse.

Words with same meaningsEdit

traditional costume

Costume dress


Detailed explanationEdit

The dirndl is a one-piece dress.

The dress has an apron.

A dirndl blouse is worn with the dirndl.

The blouse has puffed sleeves.

Formerly, women wore a dirndl to work in Bavaria and Austria.

For example, as a maid at the farm.

Later, women from the city also wore a Dirndl.

As a kind of summer dress.

There are various kinds of dirndl dresses.

Today many women dress in dirndls.

For example, at Oktober·fest or

or if they are in a costume club.

Dirndl is a german word.

You say it like this: Deerndl

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