Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was an actress.

She lived in the USA.

On the picture is Katharine Hepburn

Words with same meaningsEdit

Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Detailed explanationEdit

Katharine Hepburn was born on May 12, 1907.

That was in Hartford, USA.

Katharine Hepburn died on June 29, 2003.

That was in Old Saybrook, USA.

Katherine Hepburn has studied.

She studied the subjects philosophy and history.

After her studies,

she went to the theater.

That was in the year 1928.

She was then 21 years old.

In 1932, she went to Hollywood.

She has participated in a film.

The film was called: A Bill of Divorcement

Since then she has participated in many films.

She got 4 times an Oscar.

She has appeared together in films with many famous actors.

For example, with:

For Katharine Hepburn women's rights were important.

She often wore pants.

Previously women had mostly worn skirts.

When she was 96 years old,

she died.

The Broadway was completely darkened for 1 minute.

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