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===== <u>Hurraki is a Web page</u>  =====
===== <u>Hurraki is a Web page</u>  =====
In Germany Hurraki is very famous.  
A web page for [[Plain Language]] text.
Famous for the work in [[Plain Language]].  
It works with a [[Wiki]].

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Hurraki is a dictionary for Plain Language


About Hurraki

Hurraki is a Web page

A web page for Plain Language text.

It works with a Wiki.

Hurraki is a dictionary in Plain Language

Many written and spoken words are complicated.

Some people don`t understand difficult words and text.

With Plain Language, everybody can understand.

For anyone - free to use

Plain Language should be available in many languages.

Anyone with Web access can join Hurraki.

Join Hurraki and help people to understand.

Join NOW


some people drink an Apéritif.
on the practice site.
Or start a new article.