Plain Language

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Plain language is clear.

To make sure anyone can understand:

  • quickly and completely

Words with same meanings

Easy to read


PL (abbreviation)

Leichte Sprache (German-Translation)

Detailed explanation

Plain language is a civil right.

Plain Language Rules:

- Use easy to understand words

- If you need to use difficult words, explain them clearly

- Use examples to explain things

- Keep your sentences short.

- Speak to people directly

- Use positive sentences rather than negative ones where possible

- Use active language rather than passive language where possible

- Write only 1 idea per sentence

- Avoid using initials. Use the word in full where possible

- Always use large writing

- Always use a font that is clear and easy to read. For example Arial or Tahoma

- Do not write whole words in capitals

- Always start a new sentence on a new line.

- Never justify your text.

- Do not write in columns

- To help understanding your text, you should put images next to it to describe what it is about.