A refugee is a person.

The person is forced to leave their country.

Because there are too many risks there.

For example: war.

A refugee search for protection in another country.

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Words with same meaningsEdit

Refugees (Plural)


Asylum seeker

Displaced person

Detailed explanationEdit

A refugee leaves their own country.

In the new country it's checked,

if the person is allowed to stay.

The person must apply for asylum in the new country.

There are many laws for this.

It is hard for refugees.

Because they have to leave their own country.

The journey is often very dangerous.

And the refugees are very worried.

Because of different reasons:

  • they are threatened by other people
  • they are raped
  • they don't know where they should live
  • they don't know where to find work

Every year there is the World Refugee Day.

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