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And of the [[UN]] other organizations.  
And of the [[UN]] other organizations.  
The Spanish [[alphabet]] has 27 letters.

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The Spanish language is a language.

The short word is: Spanish.

Spanish is spoken in the country of Spain.

And in many other countries.

The Spanish language is a global language.

Because Spanish is spoken by many people.

In the Americas,

the Spanish language is the most common first language.

on the picture you see a map. Spanish spoken countries are in red color

Words with same meanings



Spanish langugae

Spanish (language)

ESPAÑOL language

Lengua española

Spansh language

Detailed explanation

Spanish is written with Latin letters.

Over 400 million people speak Spanish.

Spanish is spoken in 45 countries.

And the Spanish language is mother language for over 300 million people.

Spanish is the most spoken Romance language in the world.

Romance languages are for example:

French, Italian or Portuguese.

The Spanish language has lots of dialects.

Spanish is the official language in over 20 countries.

It is an official language of the European Union.

And of the UN other organizations.

The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters.

Some Spanish words and phrases:

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