Tinder is the name of a software.

A software for smart·phones.

More precisely: Tinder is a dating app.

This means:

the app helps to get to know people.

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Words with same meaningsEdit

social search service application

mobile dating app

flirt app

dating app

Swiping app

Location-specific dating app

Detailed explanationEdit

In the year 2013, different people wrote the Tinder software.

The people were:

  • Sean Rad,
  • Jonathan Badeen,
  • Justin Mateen,
  • Joe Munoz,
  • Dinesh Moorjani,
  • Chris Gylczynski,
  • Whitney Wolfe

Tinder works this way:

Tinder shows a photo.

A photo of a person.

From a person in the area.

Below the photo is an X.

And a little heart.

You can click on the X or the little heart.

The X means:

I do not like this person.

The little heart means:

I like the person.

The other person sees the photo of oneself.

The other person can also click the X or the little heart.

If both persons click the little heart,

both can chat with one another.

Or flirt.

Or make a date.

Tinder works with a Facebook user account.

That means:

One must log in on Tinder or on Facebook.

Tinder retrieves information from Facebook.

For example:

  • photos
  • which movies one likes
  • which music one likes
  • what friends one has
  • where you live

Tinder works withe the IPhone.

And with Android.

Some say,

Tinder is good because:

  • you can quickly get to know people
  • the software looks for suitable people

Some say,

Tinder is bad because:

  • Tinder collects a lot of information.
Unknown people can see the informations.
  • Older users of Tinder have to pay more money

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