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Net neutrality is a rule for the Internet.

Internet service providers and governments should treat all data equally.

On the Internet,

one can do many things with data.

Users can do the following:

Listen to music

Watch films

Read texts

Watch pictures

Call someone

Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same.

Net neutrality should be for all people.

There is not allowed to be any difference.

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Words with same meanings[edit | edit source]

Net Neutrality

Network Neutrality

Internet neutrality

Web neutrality

Content neutrality

Open Internet

Detailed explanation[edit | edit source]

According to net neutrality,

all data should be treated the same.

Therefore it doesn't matter what users are doing with the data.

And who is doing it.

The Internet service provider is responsible for data transmission on the Internet.

Whoever wants an Internet connection makes a contract with the Internet provider.

The data is then downloaded through the Internet connection.

The contract states how much data can be downloaded.

Some Internet providers do not like net neutrality.

Example of flat rate[edit | edit source]

With a special agreement,

customers can download as much data as they want to.

With this contract,

the customer has a flat rate.

Some Internet providers want the customers to pay extra.

As soon as the customer has downloaded a specific amount of data.

They say: When everyone downloads data very fast,

it costs a lot of money.

The Internet providers say: When one works with a lot of data,

they should pay extra.

Some Internet providers want: specific data make things slower.

Also zero rating is a danger to net neutrality.

That is why the country Chile has forbidden zero rating.

Many people are talking about net neutrality.

All over the world.

And many politicians talk about it as well.

Some want that net neutrality becomes a law.

Many people demonstrate for net neutrality.

They want all data to be treated equally.

On the internet page Save the Internet everyone can discuss this.

And politicians express their opinion.

The word net neutrality is a noun.

It has these 2 words:

  • Neutrality (which means: no one should interfere - nobody is allowed to make data more slowly)

The word network neutrality is invented by Tim Wu.

He invented the word in 2002.

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