Syrian Civil War

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The Syrian Civil War is a big conflict between 2 groups.

It is a armed battle in Syria.

The two groups are fighting with weapons.

The two groups have different opinions.

One group belongs to Assad (called Assad-Group).

The other group belongs to other parties (called Rebel Group).

The conflict began on March 2011.

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Words with same meanings[edit]

Civil War in Syria

War in Syria

Syrian war

The civil war in Syria

Civil war in Syria

Detailed explanation[edit]

Why is there a conflict in Syria?[edit]

In 1971 the Assad family made the rules in the country.

In 2000, Assad became the president of Syria.

In Syria there are many Muslim people.

The people are divided into religious groups.

One group of them are Alawites.

Assad and his family are also Alawites.

Assad has given many Alawites important jobs.

Most of the jobs are in politics.

In other words, many Alawites determine the rules in Syria.

Other groups of people are not treated equally.

They are not allowed to say anything against it.

Or do anything about it.

Because otherwise they will be punished.

For example, with torture.

In 2010, the Arab Spring began.

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